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The HR Department always stand first in initiating the process developments works, as a part of this it decentralized the recruitment activity and formed a separate cell to look after all the recruitment activities from one single point in order to control cost and time.

Nature of Activities:
  1. Collection and examining the manpower requisitions from the department heads.
  2. Getting approvals for the manpower requisitions.
  3. Placing Ads in the job portals, newspapers etc according to the need
  4. Receiving and screening the job applications
  5. Forwarding the screened applications to the HODs
  6. Scheduling the interview dates and intimating the same to the candidates
  7. Making arrangements for conducting the interviews.
  8. Sending call letters to the short listed candidates.

Performance Value
Value of The Grade Comments Value of the Increment in your Currency
  1. 5 increments Exceeds Expectation
  2. 4 - 4.5 Increment Meets Expectations
  3. 3.5 Increment Average
  4. 3 Increment Below Average
  5. Nothing Did not perform nor deliver

Salary period 26 th to 25 th of every month.

Employees Provident Fund
Preparation of Provident Fund advise to Accounts Department and filling Provident Fund Monthly Returns in Form – 5, 10, 12A (Monthly Returns) & 7IF along with Form 2 (Declaration form)
Submission of PF withdrawals in Form 19 & 10-C from the Resigned Employees and Transfer Forms from newly joined Employees
Submission of Annual Returns under PF Act in Form 6 (Annual Returns), 3-A (individual contribution of every employee)
Renewal of Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Exemption policy with Life Insurance Corporation of India
Employee State Insurance (ESI)
Preparation of ESI payment advises to Accounts department for an ESI covered units.

Submission of ESI Half Yearly returns for the contribution period April to September, October to March
Submission of ESI Declaration forms for newly joined employees drawing salary below Rs.21, 000/- p.m
Preparation of necessary statements for attending ESI inspections
Updation of Employees Register in Form-7
Updating Accident Register in Form-15

On completion of probation you will be eligible for 12 CL, 12 EL (EL will be credited on completion of one year of services after the probation period), and 10 SL in pro-rata basis. Trainees and Probationer are not eligible for EL and SL.

Code of conduct
It is a condition of this offer and your acceptance of this offer, that your conduct, both in terms of your business activities and personal endeavors, will be in accordance with the policies and procedures of the organization.
You shall not use any assets of the organization for your personal or for unlawful purposes. You hereby declare that you are not an Official and that you undertake to immediately notify the Head HR, at the Unit with a copy to the Managing Director if you become an Official at any point in time during your employment with the organization. “Official” means any officer of a political party or candidate for political office in any country or any officer or employee (i) of the central, state or local government in any country (including any legislative, judicial, executive or administrative department, agency or instrumentality thereof) or (ii) of a public international organization or a public sector organization.

You shall, during course of your employment with organization and thereafter, maintain strict confidentiality and shall not disclose, divulge, impart or reveal to any person or organization, any information in relation to the performance, structure, operation and marketing or sales of the organization (including pricing structures, service and product information including details of any processes, data, programs, computer models, software or other systems utilized by the organization), know-how, trade secrets, unpublished information relating to the business practices and intellectual property of the organization and any other commercial, financial or technical information relating to the organization or to any other supplier, officer or employee of the organization and shall not disclose any such information to any third party.

You shall not use or attempt to use any such information in any manner that may injure or cause loss either directly or indirectly to the organization or its business. You recognize and acknowledge that the above information is provided to you on trust by the organization for internal use only. This restriction shall continue to apply after termination of your employment.

During your tenure with the organisation and for a period of 1 year thereafter, you shall not attempt to solicit or endeavour to entice away from the organisation any employee, or discourage any person from being employed by the organisation.

Within two months of starting the job you should receive a written statement clearly stating the basic details and the main terms and conditions of your employment. These would include your job title, expected hours of work, monthly wages, paid holiday and sick leave entitlement, details of any applicable pension scheme, minimum notice period, disciplinary process and procedure for reporting a grievance.• You must receive an itemised payslip that provides a detailed breakdown of your pay and any deductions.